Print Internship Week 8

This week I worked on assisting students and doing a little bit of research.

On Tuesday, I met with the Print team again as we do every week.  Like I’ve talked about before, I always love this time of the week because it is nice to touch base with ever.  This week after we updated, we brainstormed more about our presentation that we will be doing during the celebration of the arts week.  We were trying to figure out topics that corresponded with themes found in the letters that was actually interesting and could grab people’s attention.  We are leaning towards talking about gossip and/or love or sibling relationships. We went through our databases to see if we could find any letters that could have something to do with that and we were assigned to keep looking for the week.

After that Dr. Beiler sent me the draft blog posts from her students for me to read and give feedback on before she read them and we met to discuss.  This history degree is actually my second degree.  6 years ago I graduated from USF with a BA in Literary Studies and whoever said an English degree wasn’t useful is so wrong.  It was so useful this week to be able to use that to aid students in their writing whether it was just for grammar or suggestion on how to add more information for clarity or even just rearranging a sentence to make it read easier.  Not all of the students turned in their first draft so I may have more to work on going in to the next week if they turn it in.  This is a great experience in teaching and nice to be part of the peer review process.  I was able to take my knowledge about English and my experience and familiarity with the PRINT project and assist students which is something that made me very happy.

Barring the last minute submissions, I should be pretty much done with assisting with the class with their projects associated with the PRINT project.  This means I can continue to do research and help with the linked open data and biographies that will be used for the website eventually.  Dr. Beiler has made the biographies a priority at least for the Pemberton family, so I will be working on those coming up.  I did do some research this week for Israel Pemberton and Phineas Pemberton but since there were multiple Phineases and Israels, it is sometimes hard to discern who is who, especially when simply going through genealogy searches that confused them as well.  This is an interesting project that I am excited to begin solely focusing on as I go forward.

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