Print Internship Week 10

This week I switched gears entirely away from transcriptions and am now focusing on the Linked Open Data and administrative work associated with it.

At the beginning of the week, I reached out to my connections at Swarthmore, which is a society of friends/ Quakers to ask about how we should properly cite sources that were originally from their organization but accessed by us through  He responded back extremely quickly and let us know that while the sources were originally from them, ancestry has changed their databases and filing and it would be too convoluted to attempt to access them both so we should just cite ancestry.

On Tuesday, the PRINT team met as we do every week to give an update on what we are working on and what we are planning to do going forward.  Although at this meeting we spent a lot of time talking about our upcoming presentation for UCF Celebrates the Arts.  We decided that Dr. Beiler will be doing a short presentation and giving a background on the quakers and the PRINT project and then we will separate in to four break out sessions.  Each of the break out sessions will be ran by a member of the PRINT team.  My break out session will be based on love and relationships and I will be talking about Abigail and one of her many loves as well as her relationship with her brother.  After a quick introduction, we will transcribe a letter together.  There are a couple options of letters for her.  The one that would work best would be one that we received from the Pennsylvania Historical Society last semester that is not yet in our database, but we’re deciding whether that would be a good option.

After my meeting, I worked on some protocols that Dr. Beiler asked me to do.  These are for linked open data, zotero, biographies, and where to find meeting minute information.  This is all so important to the project for my other colleagues since we all work on these at some point.  This will also be important for any future interns that may work on the linked open data since there is way too much for me to do on my own.

Going in to this next week, I will continue working on the Pemberton biographies and will transcribe the letters from the Pennsylvania Historical society about Abigail.  I will also work on my presentation for UCF celebrates the arts. I can talk about Abigail and her relationships so much, I need to make sure to be short and concise so that we can actually get to the important part of the presentation: the transcriptions.


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