Print Internship Week 12

This week I mostly worked on preparing for our presentation next week at UCF Celebrates the Arts.

On Tuesday our meeting was a little different.  We were joined by one of the organizers of UCF Celebrates the Arts.  They went over the generals about how the event would go and walked us through what each of our jobs entail.  We decided that Dr. Beiler will be doing the main presentation and while she does that, the presenters will be in the breakout rooms in zoom preparing for the attendees to enter.  From there we will do a short presentation about three minutes long and then will get in to transcribing the letter we have chosen.

After the meeting I worked on the small blurb about my letter to advertise it to the people who may be attending.  I highlighted the love triangle aspect of the letter: Abigail is stuck between her heart and society but she will not just settle to make others happy, she’d rather never marry.

Once I finished that, I worked on the powerpoint presentation.  Dr. Beiler sent us her talking points so we knew what the participants could expect to hear from her so we didn’t repeat ourselves.  I am quickly talking about Quaker marriage ideals/ societal marriage standards/ marriage protocols, a little bit of a background about Abigail’s life like how she helped with her father’s business/ her marriage prospects/ her independent streak, and I plant to quickly give some transcription tips as we go through the letter like thee/thou/thy/hath, etc.

Other than that, I am continuing my work on biographies and the linked open data.

Next week, I will be preparing and giving the presentation for UCF Celebrates the Arts and continuing my work on the biographies and Linked Open Data.

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